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 700OK is a journey of sound experimentation/ inquiry/ understanding/ to which is informed by and practises a deeper level of listening - We welcome the abstraction of sound as it is that what makes sound a language incomprehensible to words. It should be dually noted that none of the people involved within this project are formally musically trained, so to perform means to engage together in a moment of construction, of sonic environments that are directly informed by the present moment - a convocation of sorts where sonic gestures inform one another in an aural montage of sounds. To be engaged with the present moment like so, means to understand what's going on around oneself in a very different fashion to that of what we are encouraged, requiring a deeper level of listening so as to tune into one another, informed by the resonant frequencies of the space. These moments can never be repeated as it is not only impossible to do so, but means to become stagnant and cosy, complacent with progression. The recording is simply an artefact that can not and will never be able to replicate the moment, therefore they exist separately as an attempt to document, while continuously failing to fully express the intentions of the sonic environment to which they came. All of which can be found in the link below. To continuously disrupt like this is a utopian gesture in the climate of the contemporary world. 700OK means for us to learn and grow as individuals informing the actions we take within a moment, were we sacrifice our individuality for a transcendence beyond the singular understanding. 

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